Birddog Studios Jonathan Morrison

Birddog Studios is a production and media company located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. In providing artists, thinkers, freaks & others with the space and tools to create their art, Birddog Studios also aims to disrupt this amazing world by digitally distributing, promoting and loving all types of artistic works.


My name is Jonathan Morrison

I go by many nicknames, JMo, J-Money (J$), Johnny Digital. I'm the owner of Birddog Studios, a musician and co-creator of a popular Colorado web series. Most of my art is produced at Birddog Studios with fellow collaborators. I love art & the act of producing it with other artists. While collaborating, I love to see all visions come together to create amazing works and share those with the world.

Contact Birddog Studios

If you'd like to collaborate, discuss or record your project, or just inquire about how to get that Fascist Bastards sound, please contact us.

Contact: Jonathan Morrison
Phone: 720.295.5022
Located in Boulder, CO